Designing the project’s intervention logic

The project logic column of the logframeThis means filling out the first column of the logical framework. Here you have two options: you can start by formulating a clear purpose for the project. This is the main reason why you’re undertaking the project in the first place.

Often you’ll find that you have a clearer view of what you want to do (the activities) than what exactly you’ll end up with. So a second approach is first to write down what activities you have in mind in the bottom cell of the first column. Then you describe what these activities amount to, in other words what the tangible outputs or results are of your activities.

Together, your outputs/results lead to the definition of a single purpose for your project. This purpose solves the main problem. Its effects are immediate from the moment the purpose has been achieved. But there may be effects on a longer term, and often on a larger scale. After a while, your project may have an impact on more people and more problems than when you finished your work. These realisations are described in the top cell, and are called the goals of your project.


1. Improved hygiene of all family members
2. Improved social relations
1. Bathroom is renovated in 3 months
1.1 New plumbing is installed
1.2 New bath, shower and washing basins are installed
1.3 New bathroom tiles on the walls and on the floor
1.1.1 Remove old pipes and drains
1.1.2 Install new pipes
1.2.1 Choose new bath, shower, shower curtain and washing basins with design expert (wife)
1.2.2 Install bath, shower and washing basins
1.3.1 Remove old tiles
1.3.2 Tile walls
1.3.3 Tile floor
1.3.4 Hang up shower curtain


To identify the vertical logic of more complicated projects, you should use a methodology to identify the stakeholders and their needs, formulate problems and solutions, order them and agree on objectives and a planning. Take a look at the Logical Framework Approach or Results Based Management for more information.


Dear, This is very important for all M & E practioners & Managers. It is refreshing & remineded me to consider many aspects.

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