RBM step by step


i came across this page during my web search for an M &E software the site is good but since we are using a very slow connection it is not possible to read all the notes is there a way i can have  them in PDF please. my emaile address is wandisangah at yahoo dot com 

At the moment there are no PDF versions of the different texts. Other people have asked for them too, so I hope that one day I'll get around to integrating the texts in a single pdf document that you can download. Unfortunately at the moment I'm rather busy with translating the website to French (another popular request) and finalising the next version of the software. But I will definitely keep your comment in mind.

Update: you can now create PDF versions of all the texts using the little PDF logo at the bottom of the article. You can select whether you want to create a PDF document of the page you are looking at, or whether you want to make a PDF out of the complete book (the whole sets of articles).

Hi,Thank you for a great page! - But how did you come up with the (very interesting) 13 steps. Is there a source? or os it something you have developed on the basis of the "philosophy" behind RBM?Best from Anette

Hello Anette,

I used various sources as a basis for this article (and the others). You can find the sources I used on the Links page (although I must confess that I still need to update the list).

The 13 steps are my attempt of presenting the different phases of RBM in an easy overview, because RBM has quite a lot of phases and sub-phases, unlike PCM where there are only 6 major phases for instance.

Glad you like it

Thank you

i nees to have the pdf version

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