Planning print preview

You can open the Planning print preview in two ways. You can either use the Print preview button in the General toolbar, or open the Planning window first and then use its Print preview button.

Print preview of your project's planning

The Planning print preview uses the settings of the Planning window, so if you looked at the day-to-day planning in that window you will also get the day-to-day planning in the print preview. This is important to remember, because if you've selected a long period of time in day-to-day mode and then open the print preview, it may take a (very) long time to complete the preview. In that case you better select a monthly overview of the planning, open the print preview window, then select a shorter period of time and finally select 'View: days'.

As in the Planning window, you can select which activities you want to see (using the Select drop-down list). You can choose to see both key moments and activities or activities only. You can also show or hide the links between key moments and activities.

With the Repeat row headers check box, you can choose whether you want the row headers with the names of the activities to be printed on each individual page. If you deselect this option, the row headers will only be printed on the first page. On the following pages, you will only see the number of each activity, but not its text:

To get a detailed view of a certain period, you can set the starting date and the end date.

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