Parent-child relations

Logframe items are linked to each other in two ways:

  • Purposes, outputs and activities are vertically linked to each other (vertical logic): each purpose can have several outputs, each output can have several activities and each activity (process) can have several sub-activities (and so on). Each indicator can also have several sub-indicators (and sub-sub-indicators and sub-sub-sub-indicators and so on).
  • Objectives or activities can have several indicators and several risks/assumptions/dependencies. Each indicator can have several verification sources. This is the horizontal logic.

When you move items around, Logframer will make sure the vertical and horizontal logic remains intact. This means for instance that when you drag output 2 before output 1, that in the bottom section the activities of output 2 will also be placed before the activities of output 1.

When you move an indicator that has several verification sources and you only select the indicator itself, the verification sources will remain in place and you will see a place-holder text.

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