10,000+ Downloads

YIIIII and also HAAAAA !!! Logframer smashed the 10,000 downloads barrier. In the donor countries, Logframer is most popular in the US, France, Belgium, Canada and the UK. But what I'm most pleased with is that Logframer is equally popular in the recipient countries, notably in India, Kenya, Pakistan, the Philippines and Uganda. Obviously, Logframer is a bit less popular in Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries because as yet the programme is not yet available in those languages. But that doesn't mean no-one uses it; Logframer does have quite a number of users in Brazil and Spain for instance.

The feedback I get is overwhelmingly positive. Occasionally people report bugs, which helps me improve the software. Sometimes I get questions on how to do specific things in Logframer and occasionally we find that this or that is not yet possible. So I keep this in mind when developing the next version.

The development of Logframer 2.0 is well underway. As the version number suggests, this will be a major revision of the current 1.x series with a number of new features. But more on that later.

So thank you for using Logframer and do check this website from time to time to learn about the newest version.

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