My organisation info

When you start up Logframer for the first time, you may want to start with registering information about your organisation. You can do this by pressing the My organisation button in the File toolbar.

The advantage of doing so is that Logframer will add your organisation to the partner list of any new project that you create. You can also include a link to your logo, which will be shown in the Project Information window. You can include information about your organisation (name and or contact information) as well as the logo into the headers and footers of your reports.

The My organisation dialogue

When you've completed (or edited) the information about your organisation, you have to save it to disk by clicking the Save file (or Save as...) button on top. If you save the Logframer organisation document (*.lfro) on a network share, several people can use the same information and keep it accurate.

What information you want to include about your organisation is up to you. You can include:

You can also indicate the location of your office(s) on Bing Maps™

Indicate the location of your organisation's office on the map


Add my logo

To add your logo to the interface and to various reports, click on the Import logo button in the File toolbar.

Logframer does not actually store the logo but maintains a document link. So you must make sure that the image file stays in the same location. You can use a jpeg (jpg) or png document.

Import logo button on the right of the File toolbar of the dialogue window


Add my organisation as a partner

If your organisation is not yet listed as a partner (for instance in a project that was developed by someone else) and you want to add your information, open the My organisation dialogue and in the Items toolbar click on the Add as partner button on the right:

The Items toolbar of the My organisation dialogue